My First Transaction

Testimonial by Fion Lim

 Dear All 
I was given the opportunity to share the experience I had since been with ERA. Firstly, I would like to show my gratitude to Mr. Gary Lau, Senior Group Division Director, for taking me directly under his wings.
I came to know about ERA many years ago and finally in 2006 I joined the organization. However things were really sceptical back then. Hence with that thought, I find myself dropped out of the circle of properties.In the middle of the year, I got a called from Mr. Gary Lau. It was our first conversation after so long. It was astonishing. I was surprised that I wasn’t forgotten. He encouraged me to re-join ERA again and goes under his group. He told me that he will guide me thru as a mentor. I knew that this is the chance that I had been waiting for, to push me to a higher level in my career.  I never looked back since then. The lesson at ESST gave me the basic overall knowledge on how this system actually works. However, as newbie, we need a better grip and understanding of the buyer and sellers market, which is a BIG step ahead. I couldn’t vouch for sure that joining other division will provide that much insight as this division which is run by my mentor. One thing for sure, He and his group division directors make us work hard so that we know what we need to do to make it in this trade. The other lessons we need to attend was the OJT (On Job Training) session. Lesson was good and useful. However it’s tough especially seeing your co-worker being single out one by one when they didn’t hand in their assignments on time or didn’t have the commitment to finish the course.. But I guess that’s the way to show one’s person commitment and attitude towards what he or she wants in life. Mr. Gary Lau and Ms. Pamela Lim want us to prepare when we start working as a full fledge agent. They wanted us to be strong, committed and have the “never say die” attitude. And thanks to the training, when my first deal was close, the seasonal agent was surprise that I just started off this trade! With that, I like to thank Mr. Gary Lau and his group once again for sharing their valuable experience, knowledge, and expertise with us. The obvious enthusiasm has inspired me to take control of my life and motivate me to never stop learning or back down on any obstacles in this trade. It made me realize that for every success, commitment & attitude is equally as important as ability.To sum up,"You have provided the tools, knowledge and motivation. It is now up to me, and I will do as good a job as you have done.

Thanks a million."
yours faithfully,

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Gary Lau
Executive Group Division Director
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