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Testimonial by Doris Tey

Hi all,
 I am Doris Tey, this is a little something I would like share with you. I join ERA back in Year 1995, back then there was no proper guidance & training.  After the Sale System training, we will told to do whether we will taught in the class. After a few months, I have decided to move on & join my husband in the trading business. Only recently, I found Gary Lau’s mobile number in my name card holder & I decided to give him a call. Through my surprise, he till remember me & he immediately give me the insight of the real estate market & the changes. With his encouragement I decide to re-take the Express Sale System training on June 2008. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Gary Lau, Senior Group Division Director for allowing me to join in ERA Prime Division, directly under his wings. The ESST training is really a very comprehensive programme, which greatly increases my knowledge and fundamentals of real estate market. The 8 modules I have attended are truly worth the commitment fee. After completing the ESST programme, I was looking forward to the OJT training. On the OJT orientation, my first impression of GNCS’S is “Direct and Professional”. We are informed about the rules and requirements with valid reasons before OJT. I understand why GNCS’S trainers are strict on timing, appearance and commitment to the assignments. Trainers are truly committed in showing us the way to success.  The first OJT conducted by Gary & Pamela was incredible. Gary is able to motivate us and at the same time train us in different aspects. He gives an overview of the different income sources; touch on how to handle objects regarding commission discounts using showmanship using CMA. Gary educates us not only the why is the CMA important but also enlighten on how to create a professional CMA. Pamela Lim a very sincere lady, who taught me to identify an open listing using the power search tools, ways to hunt down the owner via cold call, and impress them during viewing. How to identify potential buyers using the feedback form and impress seller so as to not become a “tour guide”. He also touches on how to receive buying signals from customers using the feedback form by staging the customer with the questions. Gary also shares on how to identify potential projects and how to compare price between projects.   During my OJT training days, I could literally, hear Gary breathe down my neck. Every week I would hear from him ensuring that I will complete my assignment. Be it, not completing my work, not planning to put up an advertisement. After that, well, as he always say, “I’ve been through what you are going through so just do what I say”. True enough, my late submission for advertisement and catching up with my assignments paid off. It was not as easy as I thought it would be. I had a hell lot of reprimanding from Gary and I started working on my GTA in D08 with a advertisement & I manage to close two tenant rent a Condo. And on the following week, I close another three buyer purchaser a new home at Urban Loft at Rangoon Road & City Square Residences. OJT lessons had played a important part. This has taught me on how to focus on what are the things that need to be done at the right track. Being in the Real Estate, it really had given me another level of challenges, meeting up with unfamiliar people, talking to unfamiliar people and of course, closing deals with unfamiliar people.Being the right place at the right time is important, but the truth is joining the right team & having a experience mentor with right guidance is the most important decision that I am glad that I have made. Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gary Lau and Pamela Lim for their guidance, assistance and encouragement.  I believed that there are much more knowledge and skills, which I can learn from them; to better equip myself as a competent agent. Under their strong leadership, I will definitely be able to achieve better results.  
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