A Testimonial of Faith

A Testimonial of Faith by Melanie Chin

First and foremost, I want to give thanks to God for His Love, Mercies & Favour on me for I would not have closed my
first private property (condonimium) sale without His careful planning and guidance.
By His Grace, I found my lost sheep at Butterworth 8 when I was there for the 1st time
to research on that project (as it was within my GTA) in less than 10 mins upon my arrival.
As the project hasn't TOP, we were not allowed into the premise.
As such, after a short introduction of myself as a housing agent to them at Butterworth 8's main entrance,
I took down their contact numbers and purchase requirements/budget.

As this month was only my second month full-time in ERA, I had barely created my GTA!
Therefore, I thank God that because of His planned meeting with the couple,
it forced me to start researching on condominiums within my GTA.
As what my manager & my director, Mr Gary Lau said, creating a "problem" within my GTA is worth the trouble.
In fact it's only across my house! Praise God for such an amazing opportunity.

Based on the requirements of the couple, I arranged viewing of 3 apartments within a day shortly after.
All in all, they viewed 7 units (inclusive of 4 other units that a non-ERA agent brought them prior to me).
In less than 1 week, the couple narrowed their choice to 3 units, of which only 1 was viewed through me.

After my feedback to Gary on the viewing and the couple's comments on that particular unit which I brought them to,
he scolded me for not recognising the buyer signal.
Although I was unsure of the outcome, I asked the couple for their cheque nonetheless!
Otherwise Gary will haunt me further (which can be pretty demoralising) and I would still be waiting (for the sky to fall??).

Naturally, I faced various hurdles during the negotiation with both the owner & my client.
However with Gary's guidance and instructions (& of course, not forgetting his harsh lecturing
for not getting things done right), Praise God that I can close this deal, receiving 2% commission with HIS and Gary's help!

Praise the LORD!

Therefore, I wish to take this opportunity to thank Mr Gary Lau for being such a wonderful mentor, manager and director.

Gary, thank you for your constant guidance (& not forgetting your numerous constructive critizism). Thank you!

Not forgetting, Ms Pamela Lim for sharing with us (during OJT, of which this week would be my lesson 6)
her valuable experiences especially in staging customers. I am grateful for ERA lessons learnt during Modules 1, 2 & OJT.

However, as what Pamela used to say…"Learn through failure. Burst a few more deals,
Then you will feel the pinch and buck up!".
Thanks Pam, I have always kept your advice in mind even before I came in full-time in May 2004.

Therefore, if not for God's plan in making me hit the wall a couple of times &
also giving me this opportunity to learn valuable lesson in closing this deal,
I would only be "theoretically-knowledgeable" and not "practically-knowledgeable".
As what Gary says, these negotiation skills and staging/sales speeches can't be learnt from books.

This is only my first deal and there is so much to learn in this industry.
Thus so far, I wish to say that leaving the corporate world (previously I was a marketing analyst at an IT MNC)
to be in a totally new industry where paper qualifications doesn't give you any additional advantage
is INDEED an industry that I am excited to be in.
This job taught me to deal with rejections, failure and fear, and most importantly, taught me to learn to trust God more and let God be God.

"For God hath not given us the Spirit of FEAR; but of POWER, & of LOVE, and of a SOUND MIND." 2 Timothy 1:7.
Last but not least, I want to thank God for letting me know Ms Cara Loke from our church trip to Israel, otherwise I wouldn't be introduced

to a career at ERA. Cara, it's God's plan for me to meet up with you at Uncle Aaron's place that evening and thanks for sharing.

To conclude, here's an encouragement especially to my classmates or people just as junior as me:
Persevere (though it can be hard at times), remain humble and be most glad to be scolded by Gary.
Though I feel lousy to be scolded yet at the same time,
I sympathise Gary as he doesn't deserved to make himself blood-boiled by our faults.

Below are some "comments" made on me by Gary;
Remain teachable, change my attitude, remain humble,
be more firm, be more confident, be more assertive and be more serious, be more independent.
Most importantly, be willing to learn. Deal with rejection and have more initiatives.
Start working on my GTA! Be more focused, follow up properly, sense buyer's signal..ask for cheque….
(Basically…eh, to be like him)

All I can say is "His GRACE is Sufficient for me. His STRENGTH is made PERFECT in my weakness" 2 Corinthians 12:9.
Let God be God, let Him change me and guide me through this new career. I confess Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.
My will is Your Will, My plans are Your plans. Amen!

Highly Favoured, Deeply Loved and Greatly Blessed,

Melanie Chin

June 2004

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